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Do you have questions about our moving services? Don’t worry, we have answers! Browse our FAQ page and feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

1. Will my belongings be insured?

Yes. Your items will be insured under a Basic Value Protection Policy. This insurance is provided at no additional cost to you. If you have homeowner’s insurance, check with your insurance company to see if they cover your household goods during the move. If you want additional coverage for your belongings, you may want to consider a third party such as P.A.F. Cargo Insurance.
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*NOTE* Pressed board, particle board and compressed wood furniture are excluded from coverage due to the fragile nature of the material.

2. Can I pack items in dresser drawers?
Yes, but please limit the items to clothing only.

3. What payment options do you accept?
We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, or PayPal. PayPal gives you the option to pay with a credit or debit card.
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4. Do all items need to be boxed?

Yes. All lose items must be packed in a box with the tops closed. This includes but is not limited to kitchen items, clothes, pictures, lamps, and electronics.

5. Are there some items that can’t be transported in your truck?

Yes. Anything that is classified as a hazardous material such as flammable items, explosives, guns, ammunition, propane, and fuel.

6. Are there any hidden costs that will be added onto my move?
No. You will be provided with all costs up front.

7. Do I need to schedule my move in advance?
The sooner you schedule your move, the better. However, call us anytime. We may be able to work with you.

8. Are you available on weekends?
Yes. We are available every day, rain or shine.

We are the most trustworthy residential movers in the Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC areas!

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